Citizen offices

One Stop Shops in municipalities

Definition, objective and added value

The Citizen Offices (French: « Espaces Citoyen ») or One Stop Shops are modern service areas being set up in Tunisian municipalities to deliver municipal administrative services. Information, client orientation and more timely services aim to contribute to better relationships between the local governments and their citizens. The main objective is to strengthen local democracy by placing the citizen at the center of attention of the municipality and by improving communication and information flow between citizens, local administration and responsibles in charge.

Working methods

The Citizen Offices are established as service centers within the buildings of the municipality and they are designed as comfortable and welcoming spaces, open and accessible to all citizens to provide quality services. The Citizen Office becomes the point of contact between the administration and citizens, as it offers multiple services and comprehensive information. Citizens not only benefit from more complete and simplified information, they also receive guarantees and fixed delays for a response from the municipality. In addition, the Citizen Office ensure an improved management of citizen complaints and petitions.

The development of a guide that explains municipal services offered in a comprehensive and simple manner, organizational and process handbooks accompany the creation of new service centers. A new document management software as well as the development of a website allow citizens to have remote access to information and to track the progress of their application. The civil servants working in the new service center receive training in order to handle the new procedures and communication guidelines.

Citizen’s satisfaction surveys help to evaluate the performance of the Citizen Office in the municipalities.

Practical examples

Four Citizens Offices opened in Tunisian pilot municipalities, in Menzel Bourguiba, Siliana, Gafsa and Jendouba. In 2015, the project will be set up in four other municipalities while in 9 additional municipalities planning starts.

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