Municipal Waste Management Plans (PCGD)

Strategic and operational planning of the public waste management

Definition, objective and added value

Municipal Waste Management Plans (PCGD) are 5-year strategic and operational planning tools which aim at improving municipal performances in the field of waste management. This entails the rationalization of collecting and transporting waste while at the same time improving public cleanliness and environmental protection within the municipality. PCGD’s allow all stakeholders, including administrative structures, the city council, civil society and development partners, to establish a multi-year activities programme which is adapted to local realities.


Tunisia’s national agency for waste management (ANGed) and the country’s Directorate-General for Local Authorities/Communities (DGCL) have initiated in the mid-2000s, with the assistance of the GIZ, a process of conceptualizing, elaborating and implementing municipal waste management plans. Furthermore, a technical guide has also been created in order to support the elaboration of these plans within Tunisian municipalities. The guide covers the different stages prior to the elaboration of a PCGD, from the diagnosis and the elaboration to the stages of implementation and evaluation. Beside the technical guide, four handouts have also been drafted. They cover topics linked to the organization of waste management services, cost calculation, the creation of an effective information system and communication approach.

Practical examples

In Tunisia, the GIZ CoMun project has assisted, since 2012, four municipalities (Gafsa, Jendouba, Siliana and Kasserine) in elaborating municipal waste management plans. In March 2013, these cities participated in a networking event on Moroccan waste management. The Tunisian and Moroccan municipalities have exchanged experiences in the field of waste management and inter-municipal networking. The event has resulted in an exhaustive evaluation report on the progress of current Tunisian PCGD activities.

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