Maximising use-value (MUV)

Action guide for informal areas

Definition, objective and added value

The Maximising Use-Value manual is an urban management tool which promotes integrated urban upgrading at the local level.

Working methods

The main concept of the manual is to provide the reader (or user) with an understanding of good practices in informal area development in order to widen the horizon of the reader concerning interventions in urban upgrading that go beyond the conventional approaches currently adopted. The manual promotes existing good practices and proposes complementary ones for a wider impact. It also aims to draw the attention of the reader to the potential role of each stakeholder within the upgrading process and advocates sustainable partnerships between the local government, the local community and civil society.


The booklet is designed to be an easy read and seeks to guide the reader to understand the topic from the perspective of different stakeholders. The goal is to explain the needs of each actor and analyze their respective actions accordingly.

In addition, the manual is bilingual, being divided into English and Arabic sections for the convenience of different user groups.

In the updated version of the manual, the different languages will be published in separate manuals as the number of pages will increase significantly.

Brochure: Maximising Use Value – Action Guide for Informal Areas

Reference documents in English

Reference documents in French and Arabic