Improving basic services through the Geographic Information System (GIS)

The use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications increases the efficiency of basic service delivery through the provision of equal access to information. This tool enables stakeholders to obtain and provide this information.

Definition, purpose and added value

In order to achieve effective participatory urban development, relevant information needs to be shared among all stakeholders, such as local communities, NGOs, local businesses, etc. The GIS training enables participants to create, read and use maps from collected information.

Working methods

All cooperation partners agree on roles and respective responsibilities for collecting analyzing and sharing information. After this, a map of the area is obtained, and data about the area is collected, both through fieldwork and from existing data bases.


The steps for the training are structured by the following questions

  • How to get all the relevant cooperation partners on board?
  • How to obtain a map of the area?
  • How to collect information on the area?
  • How to enter the collected information into a GIS database?
  • How to make the collected information available to all stakeholders?

Practical examples

  • In 2011, 8 partner employees from the solid waste management unit in the district of El Khosoos were trained on the process of understanding and effectively using GIS as a mapping tool.
  • A comprehensive database was created by surveying 140,592 occupied apartments, 37,927 shops & workshops and the road network including features of streets, allies, driveways, lanes and attribute data of roads names, types, width and traffic directions.
  • The volume of waste generated daily by apartments and other activities such as shops & workshops was measured.
  • Photos and GPS locations of 398 dump sites were identified in order to monitor performance of waste contractors through tracking of waste volumes using a device to measure solid waste.

Work material and reports in Englisch

Reference documents in Arabic, French and German