Practical training kit for local citizen participation

A collection of tools and best practices of citizen participation in the management of local affairs

Definition, objective and added value

The practical training kit is a capacity-building instrument created by the GIZ programme CoMun. As a teaching resource, it aims at sensitizing and deepening the knowledge of its target group (communal council members and officials, civil society actors, trainers) in the field of local governance and citizen participation in local affairs and local civil society.

Working methods

The training kit is structured around a collection of practical exercises, methodological tools and a benchmark of participatory experiences on national and international level. It consists of two complementary elements: (i) an educational booklet/teacher’s guide and (ii) a documentary film, which promote greater awareness of the importance of dialogue and cooperation between the different local actors.

The educational booklet/teacher’s guide is a collection of tools divided into different levels of participation from the weakest to the most profound one, which is preceded by an introductory chapter on local participatory governance, its evolution and the Moroccan context. This first part presents the constitutional and legal framework, which regulates the participation of civil society and citizens in general. The second part provides tools for each level of participation (information, consultation, collaboration, co-decision), as well as a precise implementation methodology including practical examples and participatory best practices.

The documentary film is an audiovisual tool which gathers testimonies of different local actors (communal officers, members of civil society and citizens). It complements the booklet as it allows to gain better knowledge of local actors, their expectations and interpretations of cooperation. The film’s main objective is (i) to generate reflection and debate on local participatory governance, (ii) to contrast the relationships and existing cooperations between the municipalities and civil society, in order to be able to reflect and create a cooperation model that is in line with the Moroccan context. Last but not least, the film also aims at reflecting on different promotion mechanisms of local participatory governance.


On the basis of the training kit, practical trainings will be organized for communal actors and members of the civil society. Their main objective is capacity building and the promotion of a more inclusive and participatory local governance. Furthermore, the kit will also be made available to all municipalities and civil society organizations who wish to enhance their capacities in this field.

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