The Municipal Capacities’ Toolbox

The Toolbox aims at facilitating the exchange of know-how in the field of local governance and urban development and provides a collection of best practices, subdivided into three main categories: participation, service delivery and transparency.

Along this line of thought, the toolbox is a participatory platform with living documents that thrives on your collaboration! You can contribute by adding a new or editing an existing tool.

You are invited to

  • search for a tool
  • get in touch with the contact person to gain an even deeper insight into the tool of your choice
  • add a new or edit an existing tool
  • engage in an interactive discussion among experts.

ADDING a tool
Please help nourishing and improving the toolbox by adding a new best practice tool. To do so, please fill in the following form and send it back to us!


EDITING a tool description
The quality and accuracy of the toolbox depends on your contributions. Please get in touch with us to improve or update an existing tool description!